Welcome to Westside Primary School's Physical Education Wiki!
My name is Mrs. Marianne Noelte and I am your child's physical education teacher. I enjoy the opportunity to teach your children the importance of healthy choices, fitness and basic sport skills. During classtime, I also incorporate math, reading and other critical thinking skills.

I believe that we need to work as a team to keep our children healthy and to help them have a successful school year. This wiki-space will be used as a sharing tool for the Westside Primary Family.
I will share the following:

  • What the students are learning in physical education, including how to incorporate math and reading skills with nutrition, fitness and sport skills
  • Updates on our special events including Jump Rope for Heart and Field Day
  • Websites that include child friendly interactive activities that help our students learn about nutrition and fitness
  • Updates on community events that support healthy choices

Check back frequently for updates and new material!